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About DevoacTech

DevoacTech specializes in the production and development of household cleaning machines. Our founder was the R&D director of a major international brand. According to over 20 years of industry-leading research, he forms a unique adn extensive household appliances research and development mindset. 

Brand Story:
The company was founded because of an interesting story. One day, when the company founder's wife was cleaning the floor with a vacuum cleaner, she kept muttering: "It's such an ordinary vacuum cleaner. It can't solve our cleaning problems perfectly. But it costs me $400! Who can make a good vacuum cleaner with good performance and proper price?" . In order to meet his wife's cleaning needs, he decided to develop his own vacuum cleaner. Thus, the company was officially founded.

Our Vision:
DevoacTech focuses on providing customers with products that offer excellent performance and cost effectiveness. We have developed different series of cleaning products for different user needs. For example, the Talosvac series with high suction power and the Walkvac series with low noise and light weight.
We believe that DevoacTech will be a revolutionary brand in the cleaning machine market in the future.

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